Waterproof stainproof spray Protect Spray


Capacity: 250ml in a mist bottle. 
Origin: Spain
Ingredients: Waterproofing agent. 
Scope of application: leather, suede, textile materials ( not applicable to synthetic leather, patent leather, plastic leather and metallic coloured leather )
Note: This product cannot be shipped outside Hong Kong

Leather, suede, box leather, and fabric (not suitable for synthetic leather, box leather, patent leather, plastic leather, and metallic-colored leather).


Excellent waterproof effect, completely block moisture or water vapour infiltration which can cause mildew. 
Prevent dust from blocking the pores of the leather, maintain the breathability of the leather, and extend the life of the leather. 
Prevent dirt and dust to keep your top quality products in a noble conditions. 
Transparent and colourless spray will not alter the original colour, lustre and texture. 
Spray design, whether it is leather, suede or fibre cloth, can apply evenly on the outer surface and produce excellent waterproof effect.

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How to use:

  1. Genuine leather: Spray evenly and thinly at a distance of 30 cm. Do not spray too close or too thick at a time to avoid white mist ( if white mist is generated, please immediately Wipe off with a damp cloth and a little soapy water to avoid adherance to the leather ). 
  2. Suede leather material: spray it until it is wet, and then let it dry to achieve the best waterproof effect. 
    Routine maintenance: Spray one more layer after cleaning the shoes every time or after contact with water. 
    The waterproof effect is not permanent, please re-spray it regularly.


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