Payment Method

You can make the payment through online bank transfer, ATM transfer, cash deposit at the deposit machine, or FPS (Faster Payment System). After making the payment, please notify us via WhatsApp and provide the deposit receipt or screenshot.

Company Bank Account:

Hang Seng Bank

Account Name账户名称

Stylux Limited

Account Number: 


+852 5599 8853

*The above information is provided in the electronic invoice.
Please note that we currently do not accept Payme.

Secure Online Payment

Stylux Online Store utilizes SSL certificates, ensuring that all data entered on the website is encrypted and protected against hackers. We do not store customers' credit card information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Failure or Other Issues
If you have not received the transaction verification code from your credit card issuer, please contact them for further assistance. If you encounter any other issues resulting in payment failure, please WhatsApp us at +852 55998854 or email us at [email protected] for inquiries.