Leather-purpose cleaner Universal Cleaner


Bottled 125ML
Origin : Spain 
Capacity: 125 ml

Suitable for: smooth leather, nubuck, suede, synthetic leather, Gore tex , cloth textiles and other materials

With the universal leather cleaner, you can deeply clean all materials, whether it is shoes, bags, leather or textile materials. The universal leather cleaner can help you completely remove the dirt with excellent effect. 
Environmentally friendly water-based cleaning formula, one bottle to clean all materials 
The portion used varies with the size of the leather goods. 
Scope of application: Suitable for various leather materials such as patent leather ( bright leather ) , genuine leather, suede, synthetic leather, animal skin, etc. It also has an excellent cleaning effect for suede and textile materials.

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How to use:

Preparation tools:
Horsehair dusting brush,
Universal leather cleaner,
Cleaning brush, or cotton pad.

※Bright and colourful shoe surface, please use the small inconspicuous corner to test whether it will fade. ※
※Treat it immediately when the dirt occurs, and the cleaning effect is better. ※


  1. Use horsehair brush to clear the dust in the surface. Ensure to remove gravel as it might cause scratching of the leather during the wiping action.
  2. You can first use a small porcelain plate or a small container to fill the all-purpose leather cleaner for convenient use.
    If it is textile materials, suede or coated leather, it is better to use a normal nylon brush to moisten an appropriate amount of detergent and lightly brush the surface.
  3. Apply gently in circular motion until it foams, let it stand for15 minutes to until the foam dissipates.
    Textile materials and suede need to be moistened with water to brush out the foam, and finally use a dry cloth to absorb the excess water and foam.
    It is not recommended to use a brush if it is pelt or aniline leather to avoid scratching of the leather.
    (Basic distinguishing method for pelt, aniline leather and coated leather: apply a drop of water to the leather. If the leather absorbs water and the color becomes darker,
    this is pelt or aniline leather; if the water cannot be absorbed by the leather, it is coated.)
  4. Usea dampened cloth and wring dry to gently wipe off the dirt floated on the surface of the foam.



1. Test in a small, inconspicuous area first
2. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please call us.
3. If you accidentally come into contact with your eyes, please rinse immediately and seek medical attention immediately.
4. This product is not edible and should be stored in a cool place where children cannot reach it.


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