Leather Cleaning Set


Leather Cleaning Set included:

Universal Cleaner X1 ,
Stylux Universal Sanitizer x1,
Delicate Cream X1,
Waterproof stainproof Protector Spray x1,
Cleaning spongeX1

Note: This product cannot be shipped outside Hong Kong

Description :
Leather Cleaning Set
Universal Cleaner:
Cleans and removes most stains from leather, suede, nubuck and fabric/textile. Keep your sneakers nice and clean.


Stylux Universal Sanitizer:

  • Colorless and non-corrosive.
  • Do not contain organic solvents.
  • SGS certified
  • Unique scent which harmony with original leather scent
  • Glycerine – Moisturizing leather ingredients
  • Formulation tested for 99.9% efficacy against bacteria


Delicate Cream :

  • Very mild and aromatic cleaning gel, suitable for fine leather, patent leather and reptile leather.
  • Effectively clean hand prints, adhesive residue or stains of bright and shiny patent leather material. It also helps to prevent electrostatic charge and restore original lustre after cleaning.


Waterproof stainproof Protector Spray
– Excellent waterproof effect, completely block moisture or water vapour infiltration which can cause mildew.
-Prevent dust from blocking the pores of the leather, maintain the breathability of the leather, and extend the life of the leather.
-Prevent dirt and dust to keep your top quality products in a noble conditions.
※Transparent and colourless spray will not alter the original colour, lustre and texture.
※Spray design, whether it is leather, suede or fibre cloth, can apply evenly on the outer surface and produce excellent waterproof effect.

Leather, suede, box leather, and fabric (not suitable for synthetic leather, box leather, patent leather, plastic leather, and metallic-colored leather).


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